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Please read the following details that informs you how to apply for a visa or you can contact us directly for further assistance.

Kingdom of Eswatini Visitor’s Entry Visa Requirements

Please note: Kuwaiti citizens do not require a visa to enter Eswatini.

 An application for a visitor’s visa must be accompanied by:

  • Valid passport,
  • A duly completed form, signed by the applicant,
  • Two colored passport photos, with a white background,
  • Confirmation of employment reflecting salary details and position,
  • Proof of financial means: original bank statement (or certified copy) for the last three months,
  • Copy of a valid return air ticket,
  • Proof of hotel reservation for full period of stay in Eswatini,
  • If visiting friends or family in Eswatini, provide
    • an invitation letter stating full name, address, and contact details plus an undertaking, supported by a bank statement and salary advice, by the Eswatini citizen or permanent resident that will be hosting the applicant accepting responsibility for the cost related to maintenance and travel of the applicant.
    • Certified copy of identity document

 Visa Application Fees
Single Entry Visa 10 KD
Multiple Entry for 3 months 20 KD
Multiple Entry for 6 months 35 KD

Multiple Entry for 12 months 55KD

 The visa application fee is accepted as 

  1. cash only (for walk-in applications or third-party deliveries).

NB: Fees for Eswatini visas are nonrefundable including in the event that an application is declined.

Process time for Visas is five (5) days.

  • Visa application form must be completed in English,
  • All documentation accompanying the application must be in English. and
  • Authorizing a third party to apply on behalf of the applicant is acceptable, but the application form must at all times be signed by the applicant.