Tourism Awards

The Kingdom’s many word of mouth ambassadors have for decades spreading the message of a friendly nation, pictures-postcards landscape, authentic cultural encounter, thrilling adventure- activities and world renowned game parks/nature reserve. Their recommendations were in 2017 bolstered by awards and accolades that give substantial credence to the description of visiting Swaziland as a “Royal Experience”. 

 The kingdom scooped gold in two categories at this review period’s edition of the African Responsible Tourism Awards, which is an initiative that was established in 2014 to celebrate and inspire change in the African tourism industry. Its founding philosophy rests on the principle that all genres of tourism, from niche to mainstream, can and should be managed in a way that preserves, respects and benefits destinations and local people. The latest winners were announced during World Travel Market Africa 2017, held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre – before a packed audience that included government officials, tourism professionals and media representatives. Event organizers described Swaziland as a country recognized internationally for its efforts in responsible tourism, and declared that it was therefore “no surprise that the kingdom won not once, but twice”. 

Best for Habitat & Species Conservation

All Out Africa


Reasons for winning: With references from universities in Swaziland and Florida attesting to All Out Africa’s contribution to both research and education on habitats and species, the judges were particularly impressed by All Out Africa’s social-entrepreneur approach to solving the problem of insufficient ecological information and capacity to enable successful conservation. Over the past 12 years, All Out Africa has enabled 500 international volunteers to contribute meaningfully to conservation through data collection, and supported and trained over 100 local students in field-based conservation and ecological research. It has supported the education of 15 local students at MSc level, and more than 1 000 undergraduate students from both local and international universities.

Best Responsible Event

MTN Bushfire festival

 Reasons for winning: A three-day festival held annually in the scenic Malkerns Valley of Swaziland and attracting participants from across the globe to experience and enjoy a rich texture of music, visual arts, cultures, crafts and food stalls. Over the last 10 years the festival has grown in international recognition and used its cultural and economic success to good purpose: the festival creates employment for 1 200 Swazis, thereby making a significant contribution to the local economy.

The festival’s call to action, “BRING YOUR FIRE”, has stimulated a personal and collective commitment to social programs:

  • The Schools Festival(2000Swazistudentsand teachers annually)
  • The Arts Round Table(that brings to get her international and local artists)
  • Funding for Young Heroes(an AIDS Orphans support program)
  • Bo Make Rural Projects(which benefit rural Swazi women)

MTN Bush fires parked the Fire Fest Route that now involves Azgo (Mozambique), Sakifo(Reunion), Zakifo (Durban,RSA) and Africa Day (Johannesburg,RSA)

The2017,11thannualMTNBushfireFestivalsawover29000ticketssold,and guests and artists arrive from 66countries.Festivalorganizersexpressedgreat pleasure at the commitment shown by all to Bushfire’s theme of environmental sustainability through #Green Your Fire.