Flights to Eswatini? 

Reaching Eswatini by air at present is only possible from the Johannesburg and Maputo, flying to King Mswati III International airport. This much larger Airport has now replaced Matsapha airport. Flights to Eswatini from Johannesburg are currently provided solely by Eswatini Airlink, taking around 45 minutes. Flights depart two or three times per day and cost from US$175 one-way and US$350 return. An airport tax of $5 is payable when departing from King Mswati III International Airport. 

There is also an airport shuttle bus service available from King Mswati III International airport to many places around Eswatini. 


Intercontinental Flights to Johannesburg 

British Airways, South African Airways and Virgin Atlantic all operate two or three daily non-stop flights from London to Johannesburg. Airlines such as Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways and Emirates also provide flights to Johannesburg but will usually make a stop in Africa or the middle east (depending where you fly from). Flight prices are dependent on the time of year, with flights to Johannesburg getting more expensive around the Christmas period. Non-direct flights in most cases will be cheaper, but shop around to make sure you get the best deal.